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Thank you for your recommendation!

Edu1st.Preschools would like to thank all the parents and teachers that have always recommended us. Our referral program was introduced in 2008 and per your request we have expanded this program to everyone in the community.

We would like to welcome you to our referral program!

$125 per referral

Restrictions apply

How can I participate?



  1. It is very simple, just send us all your referalls and don’t forget to remind them to give your name when they register at any of our schools. You can request referral cards at the school’s frontdesk just as the one shown above.
How to use the referral cards?
  1. Simply write your name and phone number and give the card to your friends and family when referring any of our schools.
  2. This card will be used by our staff to ensure we thank you properly.
  3. Feel free to take as many as you need.

We have also provided on the card a magnificent tool for parents to use with their children. Please use the tips to model the language of thinking at home. We highly recommend it to "unlock" your child's mind.

As you know our program includes the following:

  • International Curriculum.
  • Bilingual Education.
  • Visible Thinking from Harvard University.
  • Art & Extracurricular classes included.
  • Behaviors & Values.
  • Wonderful FEE VPK & After School Program.
  • Amazing FREE conferences for parents.
  • FREE babysitting, FREE extracurricular activities, FREE lunch with tuition, among many other benefits.
  • Fun, engaging topics and activities.
What happens if my friend registers her child at any of the Edu1st.Preschools?

Make sure your friend brings the card with your information when visiting our schools. Once your friend has enrolled the child at the school and paid for the first month, you will receive your referral check.

Note: If your friend wants to match other current preschool referral promotions in Miami Dade, you should bring proof of the current promotion (eg. school letter, referral card, etc) and we will gladly apply the same conditions as stated in the other promotion.